The purpose of this website is to inform the local community of the proposed wind farm development at Farranrory, The Commons, Co. Tipperary. The proposed wind farm is being promoted by ART Generation Ltd. ART Generation Ltd. are a well-established developer experienced in the development, construction and operation of wind farm projects throughout Ireland. It most recently developed three wind farms in Tullaroan, Kilmanagh and Ballysloe in Co. Kilkenny & Co Tipperary respectively. They have a portfolio of operational renewable energy projects throughout Ireland, including Foyle Windfarm in Co. Kilkenny.

Community Benefit

Farranrory Wind Farm has the potential to bring significant positive benefits to its local communities. The project will support sustainable local employment, it will contribute annual rates to the local authority and it will provide opportunity for local community investment in the project in line with the new Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS).

Community Fund

Establishing a community fund that will be administered by a management committee. The management committee will have responsibility for managing the fund and will support local projects, clubs, schools, a parish fund, education grants, tourism projects, sports clubs, benevolent funds and efficiency programmes.


Supporting Development and Employment. For instance, the proposed wind farm would represent an investment of €60m and would directly bring c.20 jobs to an area at construction stage and support up to 6 jobs at operational stage.

Rural Development

Supporting Rural Development. The participation by groups of landowners in wind farm projects is a form of rural diversification that can help increase farm incomes. Local services, suppliers and products will be used where possible during the construction and operation of this wind farm.

Near Neighbourhood Scheme

As part of the Community Fund, ART Generation are proposing a Near Neighbour Scheme offering an annual contribution towards the domestic electricity costs of households living in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm. Priority will be given to the nearest neighbours who live close to the project

Environmental Benefits

It is widely accepted that wind energy remains the most efficient and cheapest renewable energy source, providing the best option for decarbonisation of the electricity system. The decarbonising potential of wind energy is significant, for example, a 45MW wind farm would reduce carbon emissions by 70,000 tonnes per annum and contribute significantly to targets for a low carbon economy. The energy produced would power the equivalent of 25,000 homes with renewable energy.


Ireland is currently 86% reliant on fossil fuel. The avoidance of these imports increases our security of supply as an island for our energy needs, reduces imports and therefore decreases balance of foreign payments making our domestic economy stronger for alternative enterprise development and other social needs. The benefits of electricity generation from wind are its contribution to environmental sustainability and displacement of imported fossil fuels. Wind energy allows Ireland to maintain competitive energy prices which is important in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI).

Fossil Alternative

The indirect effects of the substitution of fossil fuel burning and reduced emissions of atmospheric pollutants are important and positive. Typically, a 45MW wind farm would replace 45 million litres of imported oil and 400,000 tonnes of imported coal and prevent the following emissions that would be produced from traditional fossil fuel sources:

  • Carbon Dioxide: 70,000 tonnes/year
  • Sulphur Dioxide: 1,380 tonnes/year
  • Nitrogen Dioxide: 415 tonnes/year

The Development Proposals

The Developer is proposing to progress a planning application for up to 9 Wind Turbines in Farranrory, Co. Tipperary. The Development will also include a Grid Connection from the wind farm site to either Ballyragget or to Thurles or to Kilkenny City. The proposed Grid Connection will also connect the previously consented wind turbines at Kyleballyoughter, Co. Kilkenny.

Number of TurbinesUp to 9
Tip Height (metres)150 m
Site Capacity (MW)45-50 MW
Grid ConnectionUnderground Cable

Key Design Considerations

A number of alternative sites, and alternative designs/ layouts were considered before the subject site and current layout was chosen. The key objective of the design process is to develop a proposal that will be suitable in the context of the local area whilst delivering the objectives of The Climate Action Plan 2019. A key consideration in this is the distance between houses and turbines and whilst the current wind energy guidelines stipulate a minimum set back distance of 500m, the setback distances on this project have been increased to at least 600m from houses in the local area.

Another key principle in the design process has been to minimise environmental impacts. The site selection process involved avoiding sensitive sites such as Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas and Natural Heritage Areas. Additional design considerations included the sensitivity of the habitat on the site, archaeological constraints, ground stability and landscape sensitivities.

The area proposed for the Farranrory Wind farm is described as an area “Open for Consideration” in the South Tipperary County Development Plan 2009 (As Varied).


Pre-construction / Construction

It typically takes about 12-18 months to construct a wind farm. During this phase the appointed Community Liaison Officer (CLO) will actively work with the local community to ensure that they are kept up to date with developments and that any queries are appropriately dealt with.

How will the wind turbines be transported?

It is proposed that the turbine components will be transported by road from a national port. Initial studies suggest that turbines can be transported to the site without significant public road upgrades. A Traffic Management Plan will be developed in consultation with statutory consultees and the local community to minimise impacts from deliveries.

Shadow Flicker

Houses in the vicinity will not experience any shadow flicker as the turbines will have control systems to shutdown turbines when shadow flicker is predicted to occur.


This wind farm is being designed to work with the emerging wind energy guidelines so as to ensure that it will operate appropriately in the local area.

Next steps in developing the project?

Environmental surveys have been completed. These will be used to further develop and refine the site design and assess any environmental effects. The Developer will then apply to Tipperary County Council and Kilkenny County Council for planning permission to construct the wind farm.

The Developer is committed to being a responsible developer of renewable energy and we strive to be good neighbours in all areas of our work. We encourage as many people as possible to get involved in and to learn more about our projects, maximising the local economic, social and environmental benefits our developments can create locally.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on The Development, then please contact the appointed Community Liaison Officer, at the following e-mail address.

Email: liaison@farranrorywindfarm.com
Public Information Event

A Public Information Day about the proposed Farranrory Wind Farm was held on Tuesday 17th December 2019 in The Commons Old School Community Centre, The Commons, Ballingarry, Co Tipperary.